Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Colour poem

Playful white
 I am plain and  boring. You know what I am white candy floss clouds. I am the slithery  white sunblock oozing out of the bottle.  The plain  blank pages of paper. I am the pillow of the egg I'm am the creamy milk and I am the original hard boiled lollies that get stuck in your teeth. I can be clear at times. I'm the Color of the wind and the sparkles in the sand. I am also the  delicate disgusting toilet paper and the  wet scrubbing brush  covered in toilet paper.
I am the sparkling snow on the mountain top.

Monday, 27 March 2017


Tena kotou 
Ko aoraki Te maunga 
Ko otarkto Te awa 
Ko waimairi Te Kura 
Ko ngati ateroa Te iwi 
Ko Kent Toku papa
Ko Tracey toku mama 
No Ōtautahi
Ko Sophie tokugawa
Tena koutou tena koutou ka Tor

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Acrostic poem 🌸

Super silly 
Over awesome at running 
Party lover 
Haters back off 
I ce Cream

Great hockey player 
Love family 
Miranda  sings  
A lyssiea cara 
New Zealand  

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Bean report

Bean report
 Will my bean grow   Introduction 
This term we have been bean scientists we have been learning the life cycle of a bean and how it grows here's an example  how i  think it grows   sunlight water and a snap lock bag  
I wondered if  the bean would not be able 
Step one kiri gave us a bean we named them myn was called Dora the explorer 
Step tow we got the snap lock bags and put our beans in it 
Step there we started observing are beans and producing what will happen 
Step four we study our beans and gaverd  data 
I think the pet cherry  dish worked the most the shoots had more fresh air  
 I thought it would not grow within a week but it didn't'  because there is no air and much growing spaces 

I learnt that you can plant a bean by a snap lock bag with a wet teaches 
kiri handed us a bean each to study o
 were that it was 7 cm and it took time to grow but then it passed away because I pellet the skin of and all dried and curled up 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Bike ride achievements

Bike ride achievements 
It was a hot blazing hot day. I was underneath the chocolate mousse trees. My Dad and I were just passing the along the amazing beach, then we turned into Bottle Lake Forest. There lay a big sparkling lake calling my name. Dad said “come on” and we set off further along the trail. Moments later I finally learnt how to take my hands off my bike I was super proud, but then the big hill was there.  Dad was yelling out “dig it in” while he was running up the hill alongside me. I was thinking of that sparkling lake because my mouth was  waterless. I finally made it up the hill was, more to be proud of.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holiday abc

Amalfi Coast was amazing to visit 
Brain tumour that my uncle is suffering 
Clothes I bought in lots in shops 
Delicious donuts given to me 
Eating was what I adored 
Florence had a lot shops 
Gluten free - I found lots of gluten free cafes and restaurants 
Hot - it was so hot in Italy 
Italy is the most amazing place on earth 
Jelly making with my family 
Kite flying outside others’ houses 
Licking lollies with my family 
Milan was very smoggy 
Naughty sister not letting anyone put a nappy on her 
Operation for my friendly uncle 
Peregrine house for peculiar  children 
Quiet plane ride to Sydney 
Restaurants we found bad and good ones 
Shops in Cambria with lavender smell
The concert  of Venice was so cool 
Uncle was not well
Visited family 
Walking was what we did a lot 
Xylophone people on the street 
Yucky rain 
Zoo was amazing 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Complainers and complaints

In life sometimes we have to make choices - these can be good and sometimes these can be bad. 

Just like the choice of when we complain at a fancy Pancy restaurant because the delicious scrummy yummy tomato soup that you just ordered not only comes out cold and it seems your not the only one enjoying the meal, so is the fly doing back stroke. Don’t complain instead ask the waiter nicely for a new plate of soup.

On the other hand it's a good idea to complain when your next door neighbour is throwing a ridiculously loud party - pick up the phone and ring noise control immediately !

Sometimes complaining gets you absolutely nowhere when your little sister grabs your rugby tickets to the all blacks and tears them apart and chews them like an apple - no point in complaining the damage has already been done.

There are times when complaining is exactly the right thing to do. In the playground with your friends playing Rock Paper Scissors deciding who is in playing tag and it appears that it is you. You mourn and grizzle and yes you complain that Emily cheated - you know what I'm talking about don't you Emily.

Also when you are on your phone listening to YouTube and it comes up with you need to log in your wifi password and you put in the old password and you have no idea what is the new password you complain instead ask someone in the family for the password.

So to sum up complaining is all about choice - complain when you think it will work and don't complain when you think no one will listen because you'll be like that old fly in the soup in the wrong place at the wrong time.